«Proceedings of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Power Engineering» Journal

Журнал «Известия Российской академии наук. Энергетика»

«Proceedings of RAS. Power Engineering» Journal was founded in 1963. The founder and the first editor in chief was Academician V.I.Popkov. In the years 1985 – 2009 the journal was headed by Academician K.S.Dimirchyan.
Until 1992 the journal bore the name «Proceedings of Academy of Sciences. Power Engeneering and Transport», and in it transport problems were embodied. Later on the emphasis in transport topics has shifted to transport of fuel and power; significant and important part of publications being devoted to the problems of gas and oil pipelines hydro– and aerodynamics and creation, development, optimization and control of the National gas supply system.
Since 1993 the journal has been called –Proceedings of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Power Engineering–.
The journal publishes articles on a wide range of basic scientific problems associated with development of power as the technical basis of civilization. Primarily, these articles are devoted to development of one of the largest powers in the world – Power industry of Russia, its Fuel & Power Complex and Power Engineering Industry. Also it publishes articles on the problems of global, total, nuclear, space power, power economics and ecology, energy policy, electric power and electric engineering, thermal power and thermal engineering, hydraulic power and hydraulic engineering, thermal physics, electrophysics, as well as articles on other issues related to power.
Large portion in the journal remit is devoted to the problems of regulation and control of power plants, power systems and their interconnection; their mathematic and physical simulation for research and development of steady – state and transient systems control; reliable and safe operation of power plants and systems.
All scientific articles entering the journal are peer – reviewed by experts and discussed by the Editorial Board members, this defines suitability for publication of each article.
Part of the articles, published in the Russian – language journal, is published in English by Pleiades Publishing Inc. and International Publishers Association in «THERMAL ENGINEERING» journal (ISSN: 0040 – 6015). These articles are included in Scopus bibliographic abstract database and in the list of Russian peer – reviewed journals. The Journal is of high rating in the RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index) database.
The founder of «Proceedings of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Power Engineering» is the Russian Academy of Sciences, its Power, Engineering, Mechanics and Process Control Branch.

Volume of the journal is 10 author’s sheets. The journal is published 6 times a year.
Subscription index in the «Russian Press» union catalog is 70407.
ISSN 0002 – 3310

Editorial Board:

Eduard P.Volkov
Editor–in–Chief, Academician, RAS

Pavel A.Butyrin
Deputy Editor–in–Chief, Corresponding Member, RAS

Yurii S.Vasil'ev
Academician, RAS

Nikolai I.Voropai
Corresponding Member, RAS

Kamo S.Demirchyan
Academician, RAS

Eduard M.Kartashov
Dr.Sci. (Phys.–Math.)

Aleksandr V.Klimenko
Academician, RAS

Anatolii S.Koroteev
Academician, RAS

Aleksandr I.Leont'ev
Academician, RAS

Aleksei A.Makarov
Academician, RAS

Vladimir E.Nakoryakov
Academician, RAS

Gurgen G.Ol'khovskii
Corresponding Member, RAS

Ashot A.Sarkisov
Academician, RAS

Eduard E.Son
Academician, RAS

Michael Tendler
Corresponding Member, RAS, Professor of Fusion Plasma Physics at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Casimir Pierre Zaleski
Corresponding Member, International Nuclear Energy Academy

Mikhail A.Polyakov
Executive Secretary, Cand.Sci.(Eng.)

Editorial Office:19 Leninsky prospect, 119071 Moscow.
Phone: +7 495 954 1932, +7 495 770 3111.

Texts of articles are posted on the website of the Russian Universal Scientific Electronic Library (RUSEL): www.elibrary.rucode:44.00.00.